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Peter Benz & Nils Röller. Text-Image Parergon
Barbara Ellmerer, Leaving the Cell
Barbara Ellmerer. Leaving the Cell
Daniel Irrgang, Clemens Jahn, Chronotopologies
Daniel Irrgang & Clemens Jahn. Chronotopologies
Vera Kaspar. Gazes, Gestures and Tools
Dominic Neuwirth, Desktop
Dominic Neuwirth. Desktop
Leila Peacock, Diagrammarians
Leila Peacock. Diagrammarians
Nils Röller, Interfacing Philosophy
Nils Röller. Interfacing Philosophy
Catarina Zimmermann-Homeyer, Experimental Woodcuts as Strategies of Communication
Catarina Zimmermann-Homeyer. Experimental Woodcuts as Strategies of Communication
We are publication, ‘The September Garden: Plots’
We are Publication. The September Garden: Plots
KOKO in Dialogue
Daniel Irrgang with Nils Röller. Chronotopologies
Michael Whittle with Peter Benz. Portraits of Thought
Jenna Collins with Nils Röller. The September Garden Plots
Leila Peacock with Felipe Cervera. Diagrammarians