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Anyone is initially invited to contribute to kokoFRAGMENTS by submitting materials (intuitively) related to their research interests via their personal social media streams by simply tagging them with #kokojournal.*

*Currently, only Instagram is supported; Vimeo and Twitter will follow next.

kokoFRAGMENTS represents the submissions of content/data by all contributors as harvested from social media platforms (currently: Instagram). All submissions are presented equally and unfiltered in a continuous visual feed that gradually establishes a visual material repository individually or collectively tagged, commented or annotated by the KOKO community.

Feel free to scrutinise, tag and/or comment; at this stage all feedback and inspirations are welcome.

Simultaneously, kokoFRAGMENTS are continuously scouted by kokoMODERATORS looking for patterns, trends, and noting recurring themes or focal points. In due time, they will forward curated selections of images (incl. tags and comments) to kokoREVIEWS for further development.