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Shared Campus

SHARED CAMPUS is an education and research cooperation platform launched by seven arts institutions from Europe and Asia.

We consider close cooperation as imperative to tackling issues of global significance and we are convinced that especially the arts can – and indeed must – play an important role in this respect.

Shared Campus aims at becoming the leading international cross-institutional platform for integrated transcultural creative practice education and research. It is internationally unique in its scope and long-term approach and – as we believe – will become a defining model for the tertiary landscape of the future by interlinking selected international arts institutions – each leading institutions in their respective regional context – in a dedicated, committed, and intensive collaborative setup.

Shared Campus’ focuses on jointly developed and operated long-term activities and programmes and on the sustainable development of knowledge/competencies in globally relevant thematic fields. Other important identifiers of Shared Campus are its inter-/transdisciplinary approach, and the comprehensive integration of education and research. Ultimately, it’s the aim of Shared Campus to set international standards for the development of progressive teaching and learning and research in the context of digitisation and ecological sustainability.

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Core Partners of Shared Campus:

School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong

Academy of Visual Arts & Music Department
Hong Kong Baptist University

Kyoto Seika University

Lasalle College of the Arts

Taipei National University of the Arts

The University of the Arts London

Zurich University of the Arts

Project Partners of Shared Campus:

China Academy of Art

Faculty of Arts & Humanities
Linnaeus University