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There are two ways to get reviewed for eventual formal publication on KOKO: via kokoFRAGMENTS or through direct submission to kokoREVIEWS.

1. After your contributions were picked up from your social media stream, kokoMODERATORS may select (some of) them as part of curated selections of max. 10 contributions to be presented in kokoREVIEWS for further collaborative development. Contributors and others are invited to discuss and feedback on the selections, to give them depth, new directions, and quite generally to evidence that a particular series is of interest and relevance to the kokoCOMMUNITY.

As a series develops momentum, kokoEDITORS will invite creators to individually or collaboratively produce a final submission for one of the kokoSPACES. Alternatively, contributors may volunteer to take a series the next step. In both cases, respective series will be marked as “under consideration”, but remain open for viewing and feedback.

2. In other cases, potential contributors may already have more solid ideas and supporting consolidated materials which they wish to bring up for discussion and consideration. In those cases, contributors may use this template (not yet active) to submit an abstract of no more than 500 words in English language plus supporting materials (incl. min. one visual piece (photo, illustration, video)) directly to kokoREVIEWS.

The subsequent process remains the same as for 1.