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POP CULTURES shift over time, but they also fluctuate in parallel, e.g. between cultures. This space is about the creative, cultural and economic potentials inspired by frictions in moments of change.

Topics to be considered in this space include: global mainstream and local scenes; avant-pop; transcultural pop theory; translation; artistic research on pop culture; the disappearance and recurrence of modernist high-low paradigms in pop cultures; political, social, historical contexts of pop culture production; futurology and trends, subcultures; social media; self-marketing; communication in international contexts; the artist as a brand; influencers; gender shift; consumption; cultural imperialism; and/or transmedia storytelling.

Indicative keywords: global mainstream; subcultures; trends; DIY/amateur culture; playculture/gamification; event culture; staging; social media; market; storytelling; narration; branding; media & mediation; catharsis; agency; de-/re-construction